Ecco che aspetto avrà Buckingham Palace molto presto

Buckingham Palace is about to begin some rather radical renovations.

The official website of the royal family has confirmed, “While the works are taking place in Buckingham Palace, thousands of objects from the royal collection have been removed from the west wing to make room for essential restoration work that will take place next spring.”

The Times confirmed as early as June 2018 that the restoration work would cost almost £ 369m. Now they have finally begun, and we have taken a look at the appearance of Buckingham Palace without all its incredible decorations.

The official Twitter profile of the royal family has shared some photos of the changes that have taken place, and are quite substantial.

As a description of the “before and after” photos, the twitter account of the royal family wrote, “Recently, all objects were removed from the West wing of #BuckinghamPalace, including more than 3000 works of art. In this photo you see the main corridor, home of the central room, which leads to the historic balcony – used by the royal family on official occasions ”.

According to Travel + Leisure, “the move included more than 200 paintings, 40 candlesticks, 100 mirrors, 30 watches and much more.” The move will also see more than 150 pieces return to the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, where they will come for that time exposed.

In fact, the Times noted that “the priceless pieces of furniture, paintings, carpets and more will be moved to other areas, transferred to other places, lent to exhibitions or left in commercial warehouses,” predicting that more than 10,000 pieces will be temporarily moved while the work will take place.


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